Thursday, April 25, 2013

Safe Driving Tips

Summer time for a lot of us means we will be doing some traveling. Vacations, family reunions, even work related, or maybe you bought some of our property and will be relocating.

Here are some everyday driving tips that really work. Along with these steps and plenty of rest it will ensure that you will a have a safe trip. There are on 5 simple steps to remember...

Aim high in steering: Avoid collisions by seeing, evaluating and acting upon all the information available. Look high and far down the center of your driving path. This helps keep your vehicle from drifting and provides increased warning of turns, stops and potential hazards.

Get the big picture: Fewer mistakes are made when you have the complete traffic picture. Maximize your awareness of everything extending from sidewalk to sidewalk and from your front bumper to a full city block ahead of you. To get the biggest picture, allow proper space (4 sec. min.) between yourself and the vehicle ahead.

Keep your eyes moving: Proper scanning techniques separate safe drivers from people who make costly and daily errors. Don’t concentrate too long on any one part of your big picture. When your eyes stop moving, you reduce what you can see and respond to.

Leave yourself an out: All that separates drivers from a collision is space. Use it to your advantage. Keep asking yourself “What if…? As you drive. Consider the conditions and the circumstances – such as rain slick streets, a bike rider, or an uncertain left-turner – and devise an option to deal with them.

Make sure they see you: Seek eye contact and use your warning devices

(Horn and lights) at the proper time. Communicate with pedestrians and other drivers to be safe.

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