Friday, September 17, 2010

Hunting Season is Finally Here!

This was the start of hunting season here in MO, and let me tell you, everyone around here has been chomping at the bit to get out there and snag a few white tailed bucks this year, currently it's only bow season, but rifle and muzzle loader is just around the corner.  So for those of you who love to hunt or know those who do and are looking to get out and have some fun, you can check out some hunting leases that are still available (though they won't last if you sit around twiddling your thumbs!) here

Though when coming in from out of state to hunt here in MO, make sure that you follow the safety guidelines of hunting:

1. Wear hunter's orange
2. Keep your gun on safety (or arrow in quiver)
3. Let someone know where you are hunting at in case of an emergency
4. Follow local no trespassing signs and purple tags or spray painted areas (trees, fences, etc).
5. Tag and record your kills for our conservation department
6. Have fun and be safe!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Living in MO- Aah, the good life!

You know what is best about living in Missouri?

 The people and beautiful country! Not only is it cheap to live here compared to many places around the nation (California for example), the people here are friendly and give you that old fashioned neighborly feel (need to borrow a cup of sugar? No problem, here take a pie!), not the kind that shows up at your door with a gun-in-your-face greeting each day. The countryside is beautiful with rolling hills, tall pines, oak and walnut trees all around, the air is clean and the wildlife is plentiful for hunting, fishing or just relaxing to listen to (even the occasional pack of coyotes yipping during their nightly frolics!)

Interesting News: Introducing Elk back into Missouri?
Apparently the MO Conservation department has been discussing with locals about reintroducing Elk into Missouri for hunting purposes, is this a good idea? Many are on the fence about it, however, with cattle ranches and farmers having a tough time the overall resounding sound so far is a loud "no", after all a few thousand pound elk smashing through fences, gorging on crops that are already expensive to produce and perhaps plowing into oncoming traffic on the roads are a bit of a turnoff in comparison to the amount of hunters vying for the opportunity for elk meat and not to mention the trophy rack that comes with a good kill. What do you think? Should Elk be reintroduced into Missouri?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Here in the Ozarks...

First off, thanks for stopping by our blog! There's been a dry spell for several months here in Missouri and boy have we been grateful for the rain the past few days and the cool weather to boot! Thankfully with the rain and cooler weather it will help with deer season approaching next month, out here there's lots of deer and turkey for hunting and most people around enjoy the cooling weather because it makes for a better hunting season (venison steaks, I can just taste them now! *drool*).

Did You know?
There's some good spots around for hunting too, or just for sightseeing here in Missouri, but the best I would say would be around Mark Twain National Forest, which is a sizable piece of hunting property! Not many know (and I didn't till recently) that Mark Twain National Forest was huntable, that's over 1,000 acres of woods and creeks! All you need is a hunting permit and voila, you have thousands of acres to roam around in. We have some great lease spots available near the forest on our website.

Local Festivals!
There's a great Festival coming up the last weekend in September in Mountain View, MO, it's called Pioneer Days, where folks come from all around, even other states, to dress up like pioneers, check out the local blacksmiths who still do it the old fashioned way or the many stalls of homemade or hand crafted items that locals from all around have made during the year to offer to passerby's. 

This is the time of year that everyone gets together, has a great time and relives the past to get away from the current way of life a little.  There's music, dancing, face painting and lots more that happens around, even horse rides for the kids, they can be a cowboy for a day! It's really a lot of fun, I always take my family every year and there's never a year that's the same, there's new people and new crafts every time, if you get a chance to come down, I hope you will because Pioneer Days only comes around once a year! (It's fun to wear fake teeth and pose as a hillbilly in overalls and a straw hat, it's my favorite! Heeyuck!)