Friday, September 17, 2010

Hunting Season is Finally Here!

This was the start of hunting season here in MO, and let me tell you, everyone around here has been chomping at the bit to get out there and snag a few white tailed bucks this year, currently it's only bow season, but rifle and muzzle loader is just around the corner.  So for those of you who love to hunt or know those who do and are looking to get out and have some fun, you can check out some hunting leases that are still available (though they won't last if you sit around twiddling your thumbs!) here

Though when coming in from out of state to hunt here in MO, make sure that you follow the safety guidelines of hunting:

1. Wear hunter's orange
2. Keep your gun on safety (or arrow in quiver)
3. Let someone know where you are hunting at in case of an emergency
4. Follow local no trespassing signs and purple tags or spray painted areas (trees, fences, etc).
5. Tag and record your kills for our conservation department
6. Have fun and be safe!

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