Thursday, September 9, 2010

Living in MO- Aah, the good life!

You know what is best about living in Missouri?

 The people and beautiful country! Not only is it cheap to live here compared to many places around the nation (California for example), the people here are friendly and give you that old fashioned neighborly feel (need to borrow a cup of sugar? No problem, here take a pie!), not the kind that shows up at your door with a gun-in-your-face greeting each day. The countryside is beautiful with rolling hills, tall pines, oak and walnut trees all around, the air is clean and the wildlife is plentiful for hunting, fishing or just relaxing to listen to (even the occasional pack of coyotes yipping during their nightly frolics!)

Interesting News: Introducing Elk back into Missouri?
Apparently the MO Conservation department has been discussing with locals about reintroducing Elk into Missouri for hunting purposes, is this a good idea? Many are on the fence about it, however, with cattle ranches and farmers having a tough time the overall resounding sound so far is a loud "no", after all a few thousand pound elk smashing through fences, gorging on crops that are already expensive to produce and perhaps plowing into oncoming traffic on the roads are a bit of a turnoff in comparison to the amount of hunters vying for the opportunity for elk meat and not to mention the trophy rack that comes with a good kill. What do you think? Should Elk be reintroduced into Missouri?

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