Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Missouri Conservation Heritage Card

Heritage Card

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Provides customer id information, and can also be used as verification of being hunter certified, if the hunter education number is printed on the card. This is NOT a permit.

Make sure to get the Heritage Card when you buy your fishing and/or hunting license. You get great discounts on purchasing trees and other things. It is only $2.00 for a lifetime! Check out the Missouri Department of Conservation at or call 1-800-392-4115

Heritage Card Discount

Holders of the Missouri Conservation Heritage Card can receive a 15 percent discount up to $20 off their seedling purchases. To receive the discount, write your card number on the order form. Heritage Card discount does not apply to handling charges and sales tax. Heritage Cards can be purchased for $2 wherever hunting and fishing permits are sold. The card, similar in appearance to a credit card, makes applying for permits easier by storing registration information on a magnetic strip. The card also allows the owner to receive a 15 percent discount on selected retail merchandise sold at Conservation Department facilities. To order a Heritage Card by phone, call 1-800-392-4115.

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