Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How is your part of the world?  The Ozarks have been quite pleasant this past week.  The weather is cool at night and not unbearable during the day.  We are still hoping for rain,doing many rain dances and made up songs for it.  We are fast approaching the most colorful time in this area.  Still good floating and hiking and certainly prime time for family, or just you and that special someone, to have a picnic.  The woods are filled with vocal creatures,especially at night.  Imagine having a place of your own to sit outside and listen to the night time sounds and wake to the sun coming up over the Ozark hills.  It is a good place to be.

I will give you a heads up on a few properties that we have on our website right now.  There is a location called Pomona Missouri  that is all country.  A gas station is close by and a post office.  Not far from Pomona is Twin Bridges a good place to swim.  If country life is somewhat alarming to you, have no fear West Plains and Willow Springs are withing driving distance for a sudden attack of must have ice cream.  Pomona land listings are 35 acres for $590 a month with $300 down and 15 acres for $350 a month for $200 down.  Check out the pictures on our website www.homesteadcrossinginc.com

Another favorite spot of mine is the Gentryville area in Missouri.  Gentryville is almost the middle of everything.  Right off of hwy 95 and near hwy 14.  You can get to Ava,Norwood,Mtn Grove,Willow Springs,Gainesville,and West Plains easily.  Not to mention Rockbridge where there is an amazing restaurant.  The places to have fun outdoors are close by.  Hammons picnic,swimming,and hiking is a family favorite.  The land listed in Gentryville is a setting with a rustic cabin on 11 acres $350 month with $200 down.  Gentryville land goes fast.  My family has walked the Gentryville area a very long time.  My great grandfather rode his horse all through these hills.  I have heard many stories about the moonshiners, horse thieves and hill people.  There were even gypsies that used to travel through on their way to other parts of the world.

That's about it for the day.  I have roads to clear.  Have a good one.  achris property manager

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