Monday, August 5, 2013

How To Use Crayons As Candles

If you have kids, you likely have crayons! If you don’t have any candles in an emergency or when the power’s out, you can adapt and use some crayons as candles.
This couldn't be simpler really -
  • Firstly you need some crayons; the non-toxic ones are best, although I am guessing that most are non-toxic these days. You then want a fireproof base to stand the crayon/candle on, a small plate works well.
  • Use a match or lighter to melt some wax off the top of the crayon and drip it on the plate (see the photo), and stick the base of the crayon to the plate to hold it safe and secure in the upright position.
  • Once the crayon is stuck to the plate (or whatever you are using for the base), simply light the top of the crayon. IMPORTANT – you have to wait until the paper sleeve catches, as it is the sleeve which acts as the wick and enables the crayon to burn like a candle.
The standard sized crayons burn for around half and hour; I haven’t tried the chunkier larger crayons, but I would assume they will burn much longer.
If you are a prepper or you take the kids camping/hiking etc, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep a pack of crayons in the pack.  They are great for keeping the kids entertained and they are a backup light source, AND they make great emergency fire-starters.

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