Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Growing Potatoes In Containers

Potatoes can easily be cultivated in containers simply as easy as in a classic technique of growing plants. half barrels, Terracotta pots, trash cans and also a burlap sack,or trash bags are all excellent options of containers to raise your potatoes in. The one factor that you require to keep in mind when developing potatoes in a container, is that the vase of your option could not really be to deep, 12 - 18 inches is a great depth. The cause for this depth is that sun energy is essential for vegetable progress, plus even though potato plants could expand to a level in the place of 2 - 3 feet, they require to be hilled or protected as they grow.

Growing your plants in a bag enables you to pull the sides up as the vegetable grows, in a container or other sort of pot you will always have to hill the plant as it gets taller. That can easily done just by placing a 2 foot tall wire mess close to the inside of the pot as the plat develops and covering the plant with hay, potting media, or compost. When you have you have the pot of your option, make sure there are enough drainage gaps in the bottom or the lower sides.

At this point is it the moment to get ready your potatoes for seeding. These potatoes may be seed potatoes from a garden company, or potatoes that you possess on hand that are beginning to develop. Cut the potatoes so that there are three eyes on each piece, two eyes is good if the numbers is not going to work out. I have even grown all of them with one, and they did just good. As soon as the cutting is finished, you will require them to stay for around a day to create a dry covering around the cut area.

When you are looking for the potatoes to dry, you might begin filling your pot using potting media combined with an healthy fertilizer, and pre soak the media so that it is moist. Once ready, put the potatoes that you have cut in the pot with the eyes facing up. In the regular container,with a size around twenty inches, I put three items spaced apart evenly, protect them with about 2 - 3 inches of media, plus water until the media is moist. To avoid wasting time, you could pre soak the media before you plant, and get it available for covering the potatoes at planting time.

Caring for your potato plants is pretty easy. Put them in a place that obtains a minimum 6 hours of direct sun and is not opened to winds. Examine the moisture content of the media, and water everyday if necessary. Pots dry faster that soil in a classic garden, so they might require watering each day.

When the plants obtain to a height of about 6 inches, you will have to hill the potato plant by masking the plants using more potting media, giving about 2/3 of the plant exposed. Keep on hilling till the plant halts from increasing, or begins to blossom.

Reaping your own potatoes can begin any moment after the plant blossoms, youthful potatoes are tiny, but tender. If you decide not to picking them early, simply wait till the plants begin to change yellow and gently spill the media out of the container to gather your new crop of potatoes.barrels, Terracotta pots, trash cans and also a burlap sack,or trash bags are all excellent options of containers to raise your potatoes in.

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