Monday, September 24, 2012

Tips on How to Buy Farmland, Even if you think you can't!

Here's some tips that we've found from an article out of Mother Earth News magazine that we hope will help you in your search for farmland, and you can also apply these tips and suggestions to looking for that perfect homesteading plot as well.

(Cite: "How to Buy Farmland, Even if you think you can't" By Ann Larkin Hansen, Mother Earth News Magazine.)

  1. Be clear and realistic about the budget you'll need to support yourself and your farm, and about how you'll get the income you need.
  2.  Do your homework on the neighborhood and the land you're looking at to make sure it suits you and the type of farming (or homesteading) you want to do.
  3.  Think outside the box: Be open to different options and timetables for buying land.
  4. If you apply for a loan (or go through Owner Financing through our website), find out what mortgage lenders require from borrowers and get those requirements in order. (Homestead Crossing makes it easy to get the land you want with low monthly payments and down payments with Owner Financing with no interest for the first three years!)
Create a Farm Marketing Plan:

Good resources on this topic are "Growing for Market"  and the book "Market Farming Success" by Lynn Byczynski and the NSAIS is a great resource to figure out what you want to grow or raise and how to sell it. Also, consider veterinary costs into what your plan will be.

In the event of homesteading you will want to factor this in with your everyday expenses as well, and if you don't plan to sell the food you grow then allot for home canning costs, storage projects, etc.

Consider farm internships if you have no experience, you can find helpful resources on obtaining a local internship from the NSAIS website. Also, consider thinking outside the box, invent new ways of doing old things in a better, more efficient manner!

"Moooove over city living, hellooooo farm life!"

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