Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day Festivities

Good Morning Everyone,
    Sorry about the delay in my blog posts. The holiday being in the middle of the week sort of has my schedule all out of whack. I hope that everyone is having a great July so far. I wanted to let you know about some of the festivities that are going to be happening around the area. As of last Friday Skyfire, which is located in Pomona has been postponed til a later date due to the extremely dry temperatures. But in Willow Springs, J-Lo's pool hall will be having a fireworks display starting at 9 p.m. There  are supposed to vendors and a band earlier in the evening. There is also the Fourth of July parade in Willow Springs starting around 10 a.m. going down Main Street, with fireworks at dusk at the City Park. There is going to be a big festival in Eminence tomorrow, at the "old" City Park. Mountain Grove is also having fireworks at the Mountain Grove Baptist Church at 6 p.m. tomorrow evening.  Festivities for the 4th in Cabool, Mo have been cancelled due to everything being so dry. I hope that everyone has a good and safe holiday!


  1. Will Eminence have fireworks?

  2. I am so sorry that I did not see your comment until it was too late. I have no idea if Eminence went ahead and did their fireworks. I know that many towns cancelled theirs because of it being so dry out. I hope that you had a great fourth of July anyways. And once again, so sorry that I didn't get back to you with an answer in time.