Monday, August 15, 2011

A Walk in the Moonlight.

Now you might be thinking the title is about a romantic walk during the full moon on a picturesque night with Italian music coming from an unknown source as if you might be watching a chick-flick. Well, it's not, but I dare you to read on.

  It was cool, about 65 degrees last night as I stood on the front porch of the 100 year old farm house that we call home and looked up at the sky as the stars begun to wake from their daytime slumber, blinking sleep from their eyes, and the Ozark moon was full and bright as newly sheared wool (or as pearly white as a celebrity that just come out of a high-dollar dentist) and there was a cool late Summer breeze rippling across the valley below that peaked atop the hill where I live.

  The night was too good to pass up so I decided to take a stroll down the dirt road, and I had no need of a flashlight or lantern because the moon's glow enveloped the land in a soft-white light. The wildlife seemed to be out enjoying the wonderful evening just as I was; there were the sound of night crickets chirping, a whippoorwill calling out for a mate and the lonesome barn owl with it's near-silent wings glided overhead into a nestle of trees.

  I walked for about a mile just enjoying the night air, the walk and the beauty of the Missouri Ozarks, I stopped at one point and just stood looking at the night sky and all the millions of bright, twinkling, shining stars that abound up in that soupy blue-blackness and it seemed that time paused, and I thought, city lights in Dallas or Chicago, even St. Louis don't come close to the grandeur of what I was looking just then.

  Soon after, I started back toward home, and I couldn't help but smile as the breeze gusted just enough to whip my hair around my shoulders as if to say good-night, and sweet dreams.

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